Root 31 Cafe

Root 31 Cafe

It only stands to reason if you name a cafe Root 31 Cafe & Eatery I’m going to review it.  Not to far from where I-590 crosses Route 31 is a strip mall.  In that strip mall is this trendy little cafe named Root 31 Cafe.

We were returning from a function in Rochester and both my wife and I were hungry.  I then remembered seeing the Root 31 sign when I was at Trader Joe’s last.  I said, “Let’s stop in there because I’m going to want to mention this in my book.”


Their menu provides some variety: burgers, sandwiches, pizzas,  quesadillas, smoothies, shakes, salads, all freshly made.  The menu isn’t overwhelming, but has something that should please about anyone.

I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted a pizza, a sandwich or a burger.  It was then I noticed a steak sandwich with blue cheese.  It sounded too good to pass.  I ordered it.

copyright 2016 db walton - Root 31 cafe

Steak Sandwich with Blue Cheese

My wife went for the veggie quesadilla.  (She’s what I’d call a safe eater.  She orders what she feels safe eating and doesn’t venture far from it.  Cheese on a tortilla with something that isn’t spicy hot, and she’s good to go.)

copyright 2016 db walton - Root 31 cafe

Quesadilla with Veggies

Her’s probably looks more appetizing because I had already taken a bite out of mine before remembering to take a picture.  But, trust me, it looked better before I tore in to it and it was VERY good.  I mean, VERY, VERY GOOD.


I must comment on the soft drinks.  I usually order diet sodas (yeah, don’t give me a lecture about how bad diet sodas are for you).  They had their soda machine dialed in perfectly.  In fact, it tasted as good, if not better, than soda from the bottle.  This tells me 2 things.  1) They keep the machine well maintained and cleaned, and 2) they probably use filtered water and keep their filters maintained.


I’ll be back.  I want to try their pizza next time, and a burger the time after that.  They do a good job.

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