2017 Tour

2017 Tour

This year we will be traveling Route 66 from Chicago to L.A.  I realize that doesn’t touch New York, and we don’t mean to neglect New York State Route 31.  It’s time to do Route 66.

You can follow us at www.Route66Photographers.com.

Watch for more Route 31 stuff comes 2018.

2016 Tour

A mild winter means an early start.  Starting in February we will be hitting the road looking for Route 31 businesses, eateries, and more.

On a sad note, we were sad to hear of the fire that destroyed Joel’s Front Yard Steakhouse.   We haven’t heard yet if they plan to rebuild.  Let’s hope so.

2015 Tour

I’m starting the planning for a 2015 Tour.  Yes, it is time to do it again and get this project advancing.

I know some of the businesses we photographed in 2013 will be gone.  It’s a sad commentary on both the economy and who people just jump in to the restaurant business without thinking it out.

End of Year Update:  2015 was a slow year due to some downtime because of injuries.  Watch for more next year.

About the 2013 Tour…

Professional photographer D. Brent Walton and fellow photographer Paul O’Donnell just completed the Spring 2013 Get It Done On 31 ™ Tour.  Over the next few months, Brent will be visiting more businesses with either Paul or Elizabethe (who will be editing the book). Here are some photos from the tour – click here. It is not to late to reserve advertising or schedule a business review. The photos and interviews will be published in a coffee table book.  To help offset the cost of the publication, businesses along NY SR 31 are invited to advertise in the book.  Ads are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis.  We have also decided to produce a 6″x9″ paperback version that will be perfect for carrying in your car – to use as a road guide. Click here to download a business package:  business package for 31 tour (requires Adobe PDF reader)

2013 Tour

The 2013 Tour

During and after the tour, watch here for updates and information about the progress of the book.